Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

You’re welcome to use your own device for work purposes if you’d rather not have multiple phones or laptops, although there’s no expectation that you do so. If you do choose to use your own mobile, tablet or computer, you’ll need to ensure that there’s no risk to Helpful Digital’s security.

We trust you to take reasonable care to safeguard your devices. You’ll need to give our Data Protection Officer details of your device. They can also advise you about certain data that should not be processed on anything other than official work devices, such as “special category data”.

You will also need to allow your device to be integrated with our device management systems to ensure it complies with our security policies.

Some of the basic measures we’d expect you to take include:

This is a summary of our BYOD best practice guidelines. Further information is available for you to familiarise yourself with. The Data Protection Officer can you tell you more as you need.