Maternity, pensions and benefits

Maternity leave and pay

We want to retain good people regardless of their plans for raising a family.

We apply UK employment terms for maternity, wherever you are based in the world.

That means we will keep your job open for up to 52 weeks. We will pay your full salary for the first three months, 50% of your salary for the next two months and for the final seven months you will receive the UK statutory maternity pay or equivalent. Refer to the maternity leave and maternity pay policy statements for more details.


If you’re based in the UK, once you pass your probationary period, you are automatically enrolled into the company pension scheme. Unless you choose to opt out, we make a monthly contribution at an enhanced rate of 5% of your gross basic annual salary, while you’re asked to pay in 5%. We offer an equivalent arrangement for staff employed in other countries.

Bonus scheme

We want all salaried members of our team to feel they have a stake in the success of the business.

At the end of your first complete financial year with the business (April through March), you will be eligible for a bonus. This bonus is awarded in two halves. The first 50% is awarded based on your personal performance, and the second half is awarded based on the performance of the business.

Currently, bonuses are paid out at approximately 12% of your gross salary. Half the bonus is paid in April of the next financial year, and the remaining half is paid the following September.

Learning and development

We’ll also give you an annual budget of £500 to spend on learning and development activities of your choice.

Cycle to Work

We operate a cycle to work scheme, which enables you to buy a new bike and pay for it in 12 monthly installments from your gross salary. This means the payments are deducted before tax, saving you around 30-40% of the purchase price in tax and national insurance, and making a saving for the company too. The Green Commute Initiative calculator can show you the potential savings through the scheme.