Equal opportunities

We take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to providing equal opportunities in employment and avoiding unlawful discrimination. As an employee, you’ll be expected to play your part in this.

Acts of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation against employees are disciplinary offences and will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure. If any such behaviour is deemed as gross misconduct, you could be dismissed without notice.

Legally speaking, you can be held personally liable as well as, or instead of, the company for any act of unlawful discrimination. Employees who commit serious acts of harassment may be guilty of a criminal offence.

If you consider that you may have been unlawfully discriminated against, you may use the grievance procedure to make a complaint. You can find these explained in full in our Disciplinary, capability and grievance policy.

We will take any complaint seriously and will make every effort to resolve any grievance that is upheld. Rest assured that you will not be penalised for raising a grievance, even if your grievance is not upheld, unless your complaint is untrue and/or made in bad faith.

Here you can find our Equal opportunities policy and Anti-harassment and bullying policy.