Workplace wellbeing

Helping you to stay healthy and happy in your work

As we all work remotely, when we talk about our workplace, we’re referring to the shared systems and processes through which we collaborate, rather than a geographical location.

Our intention is to create a virtual working environment that is mutually supportive and professional. We do this in the following ways:

Professional behaviour: we trust we don’t need to state the obvious when it comes to behaving responsibly and considerately, whether that’s with regard to being punctual, polite and courteous with your colleagues and clients, or conducting yourself professionally at work-based social events

Alcohol and drugs: if there is alcohol involved at a business gathering or when you’re entertaining clients, we expect you to be sensible and professional. Drugs are not permitted under any circumstances. In essence, we all have a part to play in maintaining a positive reputation and we trust everyone at Helpful Digital to conduct themselves in a socially conscious and appropriate way

Stress: there’s an element of pressure involved in all work. Helpful Digital is no different, in fact deadlines and work schedules can help to keep us motivated. That said, we don’t expect or want anyone to feel like their health is being negatively impacted by their work. If ever you feel overwhelmed or adversely affected by stress, do speak to your line manager

Mental Health Charter: we have signed and joined the Mental Health Charter. This charter has lots of tips on how to stay in good mental health, and we encourage our team to speak to someone if they are feeling overwhelmed in any way. We will have employees who are qualified Mental Health First Aiders; they can be your first point of contact, but don't have to be. We encourage openness and for you to confide in anyone you feel comfortable with. Furthermore, you have access to a free counselling and healthcare line 24/7

Menopause: we appreciate that everyone’s experience and symptoms are unique, so the best thing to do is talk to your manager about your needs and how we can support you. We’ll do what we can to make your working environment comfortable in so far that we are able to do so. For instance, if your sleeping pattern is impacted, you can discuss a flexible working pattern with your manager