Leaving the company policy

If you wish to leave the Company please confirm your resignation in writing, giving the appropriate notice as detailed in your Statement of Main Terms of Employment, and give a copy to your manager and to the Strategy and Client Services Director.

Exit interview

Before you leave our employment, you may be invited to attend an exit interview to discuss your reasons for leaving and any constructive feedback you want to give about your time here, your outstanding entitlements and the arrangements regarding any benefits and the procedures for leaving the Company.

Company property

You must return all Company property on or before your last day, as well as any Company information you have.


If you have a loan, you will be required to pay it in full before your employment ends and if your new employer agrees to refinance your loan, appropriate arrangements must be completed before your employment ends.


It is the Company’s policy to respond only to reference requests that are sent to us in writing on Company letter headed paper and signed by authorised personnel.

The Company's policy is to provide employment references in writing, on the Company's letter headed paper. The Company does not give verbal references. In addition, in accordance with our Data Protection Policy, we require your consent to provide your personal data to any third party.

Subject to you providing consent, the information provided by us in employment references is restricted to factual details only; this includes employment dates and position held.

Only a Director is authorised to provide references on behalf of the Company.