Recruitment and Selection Policy

Our aim is to recruit high calibre individuals with the right skills and experience, and to retain them through appropriate training and performance management.

We are an equal opportunities employer and select people solely on how well an applicant meets the job-related criteria, irrespective of any personal characteristics and specifically those that are protected under anti-discrimination legislation (gender; age; marital or civil partnership status; sexual orientation; pregnancy and maternity; gender reassignment; race, ethnic or national origin and colour of skin; disability; and religion or philosophical belief). Our Equal Opportunities and Anti-Harassment and Bullying policies are contained in this Playbook.

Vacancies should generally be advertised to a diverse section of the labour market. Advertisements should avoid stereotyping or using wording that may discourage particular groups from applying. They should include a short policy statement on equal opportunities and a copy of this policy will be made available on request.

Candidates for employment or promotion will be assessed objectively against the requirements for the job, taking account of any reasonable adjustments that may be required for candidates with a disability.

Robust evidence as to the extent to which each candidate matches the job-related criteria will be gathered using competency-based questions and practical exercises wherever possible. Job applicants should not be asked questions which might suggest an intention to discriminate on grounds of a protected characteristic. For example, applicants should not be asked whether they are pregnant or planning to have children or asked about their childcare arrangements.

Job applicants should not be asked about health or disability before a job offer is made, except in the very limited circumstances allowed by law: for example, to check that the applicant could perform an intrinsic part of the job (taking account of any reasonable adjustments), or to see if any adjustments might be needed at interview because of a disability. Where necessary, job offers can be made conditional on a satisfactory medical check.

Part-time and fixed-term employees will be treated the same as comparable full-time or permanent employees and enjoy no less favourable terms and conditions (on a pro-rata basis where appropriate), unless different treatment is justified.